PRR Trans Logistics Pvt. Ltd.
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Logistics is the Science of Transportation and Science is all about logical transformation”

About PRR Trans Logistics Pvt. Ltd.


PRR Trans Logistics Pvt. Ltd. is an independent, worldwide logistics service provider, a single source for all of your domestic as well as international transportation and logistics requirements.

As a dedicated premium service provider in logistics industry, PRR Trans Logistics’ ingenuity is well reflected by our global presence. We are committed to on time service to our customers across the world with our Professional, Responsible and Reliable   net work.

PRR Trans Logistics always keep its customers very satisfied and its reputation is built on delivering outstanding logistics performance to meet our client’s timely requirements. We understand your logistics needs as distinct as you are. We handle every cargo as our own personal products.

Our Professionalism, commitment, flexibility, trust, reliability, responsibility and passion, helped by our network, personally take care your business needs.
We believe that a simple recipe of knowledge, experience, honesty and passion could improve the productivity, efficiency and reliability of the entire Logistics and Freight Industry.

We have in-depth knowledge of various markets including high-tech, pharmaceuticals, textiles and automotive products, perishables, etc. We offer full range of services, from packaging, storage, to guaranteed on-time delivery.

PRR Trans Logistics is a trusted and dependable partner for international logistics services by its clients. Through our global transportation network and overseas logistics partners, we ship all commodities - including dangerous goods and products under controlled temperatures. We offer charters for very large or specialty cargo, provide 24 hour customer support team, and much more. 


              Our vision                   

"By doing clean and green business, make ourselves succeed to meet all our customers' demand beyond their expectations"

              Our mission                

"By the implementation of advanced and modern logistics tools, we execute transparent and cost effective fright forwarding services, there by helping our customers to complete their projects in a smooth and hassle free environment"